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Local Initiatives & Projects
Artwork crafted from our scrap materials

School-Work Alternation Program

As the job market is rapidly evolving, there is an increasing demand for specialised technical expertise. We believe that education paves the way to meeting this competitive challenge.

Therefore, we actively collaborate with local schools on the Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO) initiative.


Remida is a cultural project dedicated to sustainability, creativity, and the innovative use of waste materials. The project embraces the philosophy that what we discard isn't just waste – it's a source of inspiration, a chance to educate, and an opportunity to see the value in what we otherwise would have disregarded.

In line with our commitment to sustainability and recycling, we are amongst the 200 companies contributing scrap, defective materials, and production leftovers to Remida. The Centre salvages these materials, redistributing them to over 400 schools and social-cultural institutions utilising them for its own initiatives.