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Sistel's Electrical Harnesses

Our product assurance begins at the source, with the careful selection of materials from certified suppliers committed to the highest standards.
We conduct thorough inspections and tests on every incoming material to meet our client’s high expectations.
Assembled by our exceptionally skilled and expertly trained team, each electrical harness we produce is a testament to our dedication to quality.
In adherence to our Quality System, our production process is defined by stringent measures of quality control at every stage, including the final testing of each product.
Our detailed documentation of our production process guarantees the integrity and traceability of every product we deliver.



Our electrical harnesses are meticulously engineered with materials that meet the precise specifications of manufacturers, ensuring full compatibility with CNC systems, servomotors, drives, and measurement systems.
Our knowledge and experience enable us to analyse, design, and produce custom electrical harness solutions tailored to meet any requirement.



Mould connections are renowned for their reliability. In applications where space is limited or environments are demanding, mould connections are the go-to solution.

To meet these critical needs, we have developed a specialised line of moulded connectors, designed specifically for motors, sensors, and measurement systems, ensuring unwavering performance and integrity.



  • At Sistel, we specialise in producing ready-made cable assemblies complete with electrical components, with wiring designed for servomotors, measurement systems, and various services, which can be seamlessly integrated with pneumatic, hydraulic, and oil hydraulic systems.
  • We also fabricate pre-assembled sorting systems and electrical panels.
  • To maintain our commitment to quality, all materials undergo rigorous inspection upon arrival and throughout various stages of the process, ensuring they meet our customer’s precise specifications and our stringent quality control system.


With an extensive inventory boasting over 6,500 material codes in stock accredited by top CNC controller and robot and servomotor manufacturers, our commitment to supply chain excellence is undeniable.

Our ongoing partnerships with component suppliers ensure we are always ready to meet our clients' needs ensuring swift delivery times.

Additionally, our warehouse also stocks a wide range of electrical connection materials, including cables, connectors, and accessories.